Being a Hero!

The GoPro is something I'm very kicked about .. Because it goes with me everywhere .. Helps me record all the moments that I experience when I'm traveling to exotic places as well as capture fun moments at home or in the pool.

The accessories make it more fun as I able to mount it anywhere to get 'never seen before' shots ! Its definitely versatile as they call it !

/ Actor, writer, film producer and television host /

The size of the GoPro makes it very exciting to work with as you can hook it up on musical instruments easily

It's fun to capture different points of view as the GoPro can go almost anywhere be it at the bottom of a guitar or at the corner of the grand piano!

I'm loving my new toy!

Yuvan Shankar Raja
/ Music Director /

I am so excited about my new GoPro. It helps me to monitor my games during training and coaching as well as be my favourite gadget to carry around during my tournaments and travels.

Joshna Chinappa
/ International Squash Player /

GoPro is a very user friendly camera and a perfect product to capture all my super fast moments. It has helped me monitor my racing lines and my taco meters.

On a lighter note it feels great to GoPro being Racing pro !

Feroze Khan
/ Reigning champion for Indian Touring Cars /

Getting on board footage and my in-car videos was such a task until I got my hands on a GoPro ! Since then I have used it extensively as it really helps watching the videos after every session and with such clarity,the information you gather is immense.

I love the fact that the GoPro can be mounted ANYWHERE.This helps you to get footage from places that were previously impossible.

Armaan Ebrahim
/ Car racer /

One of the best cameras I have used with lots of options to shoot with.Easy to carry and simple to use.

Even an amateur user can deliver professional visuals with style!

/ Actor /

The most handy camera ever made and it suits every extreme activity... I use it the most when I'm paragliding!

With the GoPro I'm able to now document and share activities that I couldn't earlier. It's great as it can be used in extreme conditions

/ Actor /

Since I can rig the GoPro in my race car, it helps me record my racing tracks for me to learn what I did right or wrong during practice sessions and learn accordingly.

According to me, it's technology beyond imagination!

Alisha Abdullah
/ India's only woman car and bike racer /

It's an amazing piece of equipment, captures moments that no ordinary camera can!

Great to use especially while training to make minute changes to your technique.

Rohini Rau
/ India no.1 and Asia’s No.6 woman laser sailor /

I absolutely love my GoPro! The size is perfect and the quality of the footage captured is amazing.

Not only is the camera easy to use, it's addictive... It's always on me !

Kunal Daswani
/ Fashion and Advertising photographer /